Most Dental Insurance covers preventative care such as x-rays and cleanings and may also help you pay for more expensive, invasive and often unexpected procedures like root canals and crowns. Many dental plans cover procedures normally excluded from most Medicare health plans. These dental plans can help you protect your money, your health and your smile.


Vision insurance plans are designed to reduce the cost of routine preventative eye care and prescription eyewear. Some Vision plans may also offer discounts on elective corrective surgeries like LASIK. Many vision plans operate with a network of eyecare providers offering discounted services to plan members.


There is a simple solution to help cover these costs! Some have guarantee issue for ages 64 ½ to 65 ½ and simple yes or no applications. Many are renewable for life as long as you pay your premiums. Optional riders can be added for Cancer, Ambulance, Outpatient, and Short Duration Hospital stays.